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In loving memory of our dear friend

Roddy Howard

August 9, 1947 – April 16, 2008

He was a tall fellow with dark curly hair and bent beak who was always standing around a bar holding a beverage. He was soft-spoken, mostly, but could make himself loud with orneriness. He was always mule-headed. He was a burnt orange guy who preferred to wear black. Music moved him immensely and he’d read thousands of books. He had a degree in history and a B.A. in Austin Street.

Never in his life did he as much as whisper a curse word. Never. Nor did he ever use tobacco. Ever. He had big appetites. He would put away whatever was set in front of him.

He wasn’t easy to love but he was awful hard not to like. He was One Knite, he was Continental, and he was GoodWill. He was one of ours.

We've planned a service / celebration of his life at the ol' ONE KNITE... aka Stubb's BBQ on Red River.

We will gather at Stubb's on Saturday, June 7th, between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. to share stories, laugh about Roddy's escapades and of course, listen to music. We'll have several musical guests, and would welcome anyone who wants to sing and play.

There will be a cash bar, and you are welcome to come early or stay late and have dinner at Stubbs. We're not paying for it! ;-)... but everyone is welcome to linger and enjoy the company. Oh, and you can find us downstairs in the area directly below the One Knite. Please be sure to share this invitation with your email lists. It's important to get the word out to his friends who would like to attend.

Oh, and one last thing. If you have some pictures of Roddy that you can email Rebecca Kohout... please do so and I'll print them and post them during the event. Other memorabilia is welcome, too.

Please feel free to post a message in the Guest Book of your memories of Rod.

The club is L-shaped. At the far end is a tiny stage and a dozen rickety tables. The bathrooms, those gloriously iniquitous dens, are tiny affairs with entrances close enough to the stage for the parade of female pulchritude to entertain the entertainers.

Hot pants, blue-jean cutoffs, hip-huggers, tube tops, halter tops, wooden platform shoes, sun-kissed hair, legs and backs tanned from a day of sunbathing naked at Hippie Hollow, the women glide out from the pink, graffiti-covered stalls, and sidle down along the bar, denim-encased derrières disappearing into the crowd.

Welcome, my friends, to the One Knite. It's 1974.*

Keep tabs on this website, or join our mailing list, to see photos from the event and read people's comments. You can still get t-shirts if you act fast!

If you missed it, this was the band lineup for our first reunion concert in May 2004:

You can see Austin Channel 36's news story on the concert at this link, which will open in a new window.

Read Michael Corcoran's in-depth article about the reunion concert from the Austin-American Statesman! (requires one-time registration)

We donated all profits to MusiCares, a program from the Music Academy (Grammy Awards) that assists needy musicians.

We also cooked up a Second Somewhat Annual Reunion and had a blast listening to the One Knite All-Stars. You can see the poster here!

brought to you by Becky Kohout, Roger "One Knite" Collins,
Gary Oliver, Roddy Howard, and

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* quote from Margaret Moser's article in the Austin American Statesman, Feb. 21, 2003